We are convinced that your child will love golf. Children are always open for everything new and exciting. In addition, add such factors as fresh air, sport ardour, physical activity and safety – you will get a healthy and interesting activity for a child.

Individual approach to every child during the training process allows adjusting load and matching techniques, given physiology, character and personal preferences of a child. Our professional coaches will always find common language with your child – because they are excellent teachers.


Golf helps to reveal not only physical but also intellectual potential of your child. In case of a properly structured training process, a child acquires and properly develops endurance and stamina, as well as shows leadership.

Lessons for children last 1 hour. During this time, your child will learn about golf in a form of a game. Namely, a story of the origin of golf, rules and standards of behaviour on a course, types of clubs and purpose of each of them, basics of golf etiquette. Further, a coach will teach stroke techniques: will work out proper stand, swing and a final stroke.

Where do lessons for children take place?

Lessons for children take place on all the spots: driving range, chipping and putting green. Your little sportsman will work on all the strokes: from long distance to middle distance ones. In the end, he/ she will have an opportunity to train on the academic golf course to feel all the excitement and essence of golf.

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