In this age of digital technology, it would be strange if there were no electronic golf simulators. These high-tech systems help to combine the reality with the virtual world – they create an effect of a player’s presence on a golf course.

The principle of a golf simulator is simple: a player makes a stroke with a club on a real ball, and a high-speed camera records flight of a ball and direction of a club blow with high accuracy. The data are processed by a processor instantly, which then builds a path and visualizes the flight of a ball on a big screen. Modern systems can record not only speed, distance and angle of a ball, but also are able to determine its rotation as well as the speed and angle of a clubface.

Golf simulators have a wide range of applications. They can be used to teach beginners, to master skills of professionals, to test golf equipment or just for fun.

In addition, these systems have a number of interesting features. Any player can easily test his skills on any copy of world famous golf courses. Golfers can play and learn to play all year round – because the weather and the season is not a hindrance. At the same time, a professional or trainer can easily get detailed statistics on a ball speed, angle of a ball, distance, wind direction and speed, what in the future will help them to build a strategy more effectively and adjust the training process.

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