Curiously enough, but a Golf Rulebook does not have any records about a dress code for a golfer. Nevertheless, not difficult to guess, yet there are certain guidelines and requirements for clothing and shoes of a golfer.

The best decision before visiting a golf course will be to go to the web-site of a golf club and get acquainted with the latest requirements of the dress code for golfers. However, this aristocratic game has some general and basic rules, which we will introduce now.

Basis male golfer’s clothing consists of trousers (slacks) and a good cut polo shirt, sleeve length remains at your discretion. In hot weather, a sportsman can wear classic shorts to knees.

With regard to women, there are also some requirements in the selection of clothing. Women’s pants, polo shirt (can be sleeveless), special dresses, golf skirts and golf shorts are the main items of women clothing. There are no restrictions to colours and shades of clothes. The main point is correct combination. Harmony and classic combination are welcome.

Clothes, which is unacceptable for a golf course includes all kinds of denim products, any T-shirts (especially with bright prints), women’s tops, tracksuits. In addition, shirt worn outside trousers is unacceptable, shorts with short socks, and of course, swimsuits.

Golf shoes are special. The main reason is that they should provide maximum grip with the golf course. Today, preference is given to shoes with soft spikes or corrugated soles. It is recommended to have several pairs for rainy and sunny weather, respectively. You also need to have a pair of shoes to visit a clubhouse or a restaurant.


In terms of accessories, golfers can use hats, gloves and sunglasses. The main function of the headdress is protection from the sun. Caps, baseball caps, visors, panama hats, hats will suit. But remember, wearing a baseball cap with a visor back is considered bad manners. In addition, sunglasses will help you protect you from UV, and a comfortable glove of soft leather will ensure good contact with a club.

If, however, you play in cold weather, you can easily take a sweater, jacket, vest or a golf jacket. In case of rain, please take waterproof clothing. The main thing is that the above-mentioned clothing should be comfortable and should not constrain your movements.

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