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Project Director, Golf Coach
Started working in golf industry in 2008, as of 2010 – golf coach.
  • Winner of Diploma of the Best golf instructor 2013
  • Member of the National Ukrainian Golf Federation

Maryna was responsible for golf trainings for children and adults, as well as teaching children in a golf camp. She has a considerable experience in holding golf clinics, external group trainings for groups of children and adults.

Maryna is experienced in participating in events, planning the work of a Club’s sports department, holding presentations and lectures on golf rules.



liza golf


Project Coordinator

Liza is a project coordinator of BCG from its very beginning. Being a participant of the project as of its initiation, allows Liza to know all the managerial peculiarities and to enable communication between our client, coaches, and partners in the best way.

Coordinator will always hear your desires, will ask the right questions and will offer the best suitable solutions on golf training programs, tours and any concomitant peculiarities.