BCG specializes on implementation of effective training programs of a high quality for golf players with different skill levels. We work with both beginners and professional players preparing for top-level competitions. In addition, our company has an extensive experience in organizing golf tours worldwide and organizing various active events.

We are at your disposal:

Teaching golf beginners and consulting professionals.

Many years of practice and hard work have helped us to gain great experience and build a team of people close in the way of thinking – specialized professionals in the golf industry. Coaches of BGC are recognized experts and professionals.

Developing golf tournaments worldwide

Our professional activity covers several key areas. One of them is organization of golf tours. Our experts will select a country for a tournament, will organize a trip and prepare required documents, and will give valuable advice and recommendations.

Organizing active events

Our company offers a variety of services in organizing active events. Our specialists will help you to celebrate your birthday in a unique way, will plan and hold corporate events for your company, and will organize an unforgettable wedding ceremony or any other special event.

Letting you choose where, with whom and how to play

Freedom of choice is one of the fundamental human rights. We can provide you with our recommendations, give a useful piece of advice, and help to make a choice. However, we will never force you to do anything or to impose our point of view. Only you will make a final decision.

Why choose us?