Family golf training is a real godsend for your family. Just imagine: three generations can compete among each other on a course. After all, golf is safe, good for health and excludes vigorous physical activity. Moreover, perhaps, it is the only sport where a child can beat an adult.

Golf is also unique for having no age restrictions. A definite scoring system equalizes winning chances for any age groups of players. BGC offers a special golf-training program for the whole family.


All your family, your parents and children, can master the skills and peculiarities of a game together. Mutual trainings and sport ardour will become a perfect way to spend time with family. Moreover, your family will have another good topic for conversations over dinner.

Duration of lessons

You can choose the length of a family training yourself – minimum of one hour. Lessons take place on the training slots: driving range, chipping green, and putting green, where your family will master long-, middle-, and short-distance strokes under a close attention of a coach.
After you learn the basics of a game, your family will have an opportunity to have a mini tournament on an academic course. Thus, you will be able to feel the beauty of a game, and spend exciting time with your family.

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