Corporate golf training is a perfect possibility to diversify corporate life of company employees. Such trainings will certainly be positive for a microclimate within your company. Your employees will get not only new emotions, but also fresh knowledge and skills. They will feel in full a power of sport passion, team spirit, respect to a competitor and reckless commitment.

Within 2 hours and a half, participants of an event will be able to learn all the peculiarities and intricacies of this mysterious and interesting kind of sport.

Close-up of Golf Club and Golf Ball

Under a tactful guidance of a professional coach, your team will learn the main rules of golf and peculiarities of golf etiquette. You will work out long strokes on a driving range, will master middle-distance strokes on a chipping green, will improve final strokes directly to a hole, and on a putting green.

What does the corporate tranning include?

A program of a corporate training includes interim competitions during the lesson itself, which will last 30 to 40 minutes on every training slot. Fun competitions are held during a training on a driving range, usual competitions for accuracy on a chipping green, and competitions for hitting a ball into a hole during the least number of strokes – on a putting green.

A final stage in this exciting program will be a mini-tournament on an academic golf course for all the event members. Participants of the tournament will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of golf in full, will feel the excitement and, finally will learn their colleagues, subordinates and supervisors from a different side.

Moreover, for sure, every corporate event has a banquet! A solemn award ceremony of the best golf-player with memorable prizes and diplomas will be a perfect ending of a corporate training.

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