Company BGC offers everyone to take a private golf-training course. This course is designed for those who want to quickly achieve the desired result.

Personal approach to the training process will take into account all your peculiarities and preferences: develop your strengths and turn your weaknesses to benefits.

Duration of a private golf lesson is 1 hour. During this hour, a professional coach will be responsible not only for golf training. First, you will learn the basic rules and behaviour principles of a player on a golf course. In addition, a coach will help you to sort out a huge selection of clubs and will explain the purpose of each of them.

Further, you will have a small training with a practical demonstration of various types of strokes, will practice a stand and club grip. In addition to control of proper techniques, a coach will share with you his personal technical secrets and sports experience when performing complex strokes.

Where do private lessons take place?

Lessons take place at a training course, driving range, putting green and chipping green. Thus, you will be able to work through all kinds of main strokes in golf: strokes at a distance, middle-distance strokes, and, of course, the final strokes in a short game. After a successful completion of a training process, you will have an opportunity to test your acquired strength and skills already on the academic course, where you will surely feel a true spirit of golf!

Having mastered certain skills and having learnt the rules of the game and golf etiquette, you will be able to get a “Green Card”. Therefore, you will have to pass a short qualification test. As a result, you will get a card, which will indicate your professional level, and you will get an opportunity to play on the world’s best golf courses free.


Training ground:

  • 1 hour — 900 UAH
  • 2 hours — 1600 UAH

Golf course:

  • 2 hours — 2500 UAH

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