If you are planning a grand party on the occasion of your anniversary, or would like to spend your birthday in a narrow circle of friends and family – you should know that you can spend your holiday on a golf course.


Your guests will never remain indifferent to this kind of event. Beautiful landscape, blue sky and green grass for the service of a hero of the day. Add here a spirit of competition and passion for sports, and you will get an unforgettable holiday, which will be full of only positive emotions.

We offer personal workshops with our leading coaches for the hero of the occasion and guests. The result of a workshop will be a small golf tournament with memorable symbolic prizes.

In addition to golf, guests will enjoy delicious and unusual food, music and dancing. We can offer funny quizzes and contests, competitions on mini-football, billiards, petanque, darts, poker, etc. to active guests. We also believe that not only children, but also adults will be happy to launch kites and sky lanterns in the evening.

Birthday golf party with BGC is a thoroughly considered entertainment, clear organization and always a guarantee of excellent mood. Events with us are always unique, fascinating and interesting.

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